Aladin Joof Grabs Future Fashion Faces World Face 2016


To many it is a dream come through, but for this young and vibrant model from the Smiling Coast of West Africa,The Gambia is more than a dream come through,it is a fulfilling moment and achievement that means a lot to him and his peers, as he grabs the Face of Future Fashion Faces World 2016.

Travelling to the city of Antalya in Turkey to participate in the one of the world’s anticipated fashion shows means a lot for young and brilliant models, who have the passion for the art of fashion. And to represent,participate and be able to grab a fashion prize, in the special edition of Future Fashion Faces World 2016, is indeed a fulfilment worth celebrating.


Aladin Joof, is a model of Icon Model International Modelling Agency in The Gambia, whom over the years have participated in some of Gambia’s fashion shows and has develop his confidence and poise for fashion and all it comes with. His training has been carefully track by the maestro himself, William Brown, whose name is a household name in Fashion locally and international, for that Aladin most be grateful to have had a great trainer and a wonderful friend.


Fashion industry in The Gambia is gradually growing with new designers and young models wanting to be models, comes with great responsibility and challenge. The Gambia is proud of Aladin Joof,friends and family,love ones and all those energetic,sophisticated,smart, and intelligent models out there. Aladin, is without any doubt, “A True Face of Future Fashion Faces World 2016”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook.


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